Tundra Cold Box

We bring the walk-in to you

We bring the walk-in to you

We bring the walk-in to you

12′ Economy Cold Box2022-08-20T11:16:21-07:00


  • 7’ x 12’ 

  • Electric Supply: 120V

  • Amperage: 20 MCA

  • Temperature Range: -4°F to 50°F

You’ll Need:

  • 120 volt 20 amp non-GFIC dedicated outlet within 50 feet of unit location

  • Level ground

12′ Economy Cold Box Trailer

From: $340.00

Starts at $170/day

The best economy mobile cold storage available in the Portland Metropolitan area! Don’t trust your cold storage needs to anyone else.

Freezer or Refrigerator Modes

Temperature Range -4 to 50 Degrees Fahrenheit

Each 12′ Economy Tundra Cold Box includes these features:

  • Freezer or Refrigerator (-4 to 50 Degrees)
  • Trailer Style Access Doors
  • Strip Curtains
  • 120 Volt 20 Amp Non-GFIC Dedicated Power
  • 12′ x 7′ Dual Axle
  • Does NOT Include Interior Shelving

Each rental requires a 2-day minimum, plus a delivery and pickup fee of $75 each way will be automatically added at checkout to your rental. You can book for up to a month using the calendar below, but if you have longer term rental needs, please call us for a quote and availability. Also, if you find yourself outside our service area, we may still be able to accommodate your cold storage needs, but delivery fees and availability may vary.

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